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Boot Covers Disposable - Knee High - Water Resistant
Count 105000
Description One Size Fits Most: Stretchable Size About 15.7 inch in length,5.9"(Width). Suitable for U.S. men's 11-inch, women's 13-inch large size.Set of 100pcs (50 Pairs)
★Material: The shoe cover is made of high-quality CPE material. Brand new raw materials make the shoe cover stronger and more resilient! The quality of disposable shoe covers is greatly improved, and greatly improves the shortcomings of easy tearing and poor toughness of disposable shoe covers.
★Waterproof & Dust-proof: Waterproof design helps to protect your shoes from liquid and dust. Great for family, travel, party, garden, museum, workplace, indoor carpet floor, cars, etc. Perfect as a gift for friends, maintenance workers, painters, gardener, real estate agents,etc.
★Slip Resistant and Recyclable: The surface of the shoe cover has anti-slip particles,increased shoe cover surface and floor friction, to prevent slip played a certain help. 
Manufacturer Code  
AAMI Level  
Color/Pattern 100% Plastic CPE)
Packaging 6000 Covers per Box
30 Bungles of 100 Pairs
Pallets 3.5
Box Dimensions 21" x 17" x 16
Box Weight 24.6 Lbs
Weight per Gown